Xinn Food Sdn Bhd’s primary business involves producing our Halal DimSum and Cold Plate products for our clients via Xinn brand and/or OEM brand. Our production and the central kitchen are operating under Xinn Food, where it will also bear raw materials cost and workers’ salaries and wages.

Summarizing Xinn Food’s main business:

  • Production
  • Central Kitchen
  • Catering

As the supporting arm of Xinn Group, our current production capacity runs at:

  • Various Siew Mai (Best Seller)    – 12,000pcs/day on One Machine
  • Various Flavour Pau                           – 20,000 pcs/day on Two Machines
  • Other Dim Sum                                     – collectively 15,000 pcs/day

Our kitchen and production team operates at a twelve (12) Hours Single Shift, from 8am to 8pm daily from Monday to Sunday. The resulting products are then stored in our Cold Room and chiller where the product pieces will be packaged into OEM and/or various brand packaging under Xinn Group of Companies.

All our Halal certificates are registered under Xinn Food Sdn Bhd. (See Appendix for Halal Certificates).