Our Group is inspired and targeted to be the market leader in the frozen halal DimSum and RTE market in Malaysia and the biggest exporter of the sector. We believe the potential to leverage on our experienced management team, technologically advanced automation processes and high-quality products is unlimited. We expect widening our customer base and introducing our presence overseas will further strengthen our vision as the market leader in Malaysia.

We fully support government of Malaysia’s vision to promote Malaysia as the international halal food hub. Our Board is of the opinion that with our well-established reputation in the local halal DimSum market and expanding into the recognition in the international halal market. Thus, we have a competitive edge to further strengthen and realising our vision to widen our market share, both locally and globally.

The local frozen DimSum market is still in its infancy stage and frozen RTE market is expected to grow steadily in the near future. The local consumer market is currently very receptive to new product innovations, especially the halal DimSum market, due to the changing lifestyles of younger generation. There are opportunities in introducing halal DimSum into the Muslim community and frozen RTE industry in Malaysia. In particular, our Group’s products which are tasty, convenient and affordable will fit these changing lifestyles well and we believe they will become increasingly popular.

With regards to production technology, we plan to continue to invest in automated processes to ensure economies of scale and maintain high productivity level. In line with our strategy to be the “first mover”, we will also continue to place strong emphasis on R&D activities to ensure a continual flow of new and innovative products. We are confident that these factors will help ensure that our Group continues to grow and achieve the market leader position both in the halal DimSum sector and RTE industry in Malaysia, and in future, worldwide.