As our business models focus on penetrating the local retail market and maintaining our B2B market via cold plate frozen food trading, our Board has always eyed the bigger market into the global Halal market, starting its footprint from the F&B sector.

As pointed out in Section 11, it is expected that the Halal export market is projected to be USD136 billion market with the F&B sector to be its fastest-growing sector. Closer to home, our ASEAN Halal market in the F&B industry also records a circa USD20billion projection in the coming decade. Our Malaysian government has come out with HIMP2030 and identified the Halal F&B sector as one of the core sectors to pay attention to.

All said, we are laying the foundations for our export channels via our talented and highly focused management team. We have identified five main markets to tackle, namely Indonesia, China, Singapore, the Middle East, and South Africa (MENA) continent and Hong Kong, in that order.