Dim Sum Boi kiosk is our strategic business model to penetrate the local Malaysian retail Halal market. Our first strategic location is focused in the Klang Valley area, Kuala Lumpur. In order to successfully carry out our strategy, our Dim Sum Boi kiosk is designed to be a fully functional mobile kiosk where our licensed vendors can operate with ease.

We have produced a short training video, and our vendors will undergo a short training course of circa four hours to have the knowledge to set up the mobile kiosk, getting the food ready and packaging of food. We have made sure that the food quality is consistent throughout the kiosk’s setup and remaining in the freezer whole day with the kiosk through our rigorous R & D.

Our mobile kiosk has the characteristics of:

A. Unique Halal Dim Sum on-the-go

Xinn Group will provide the menu list and also our frozen food products to the vendors. Our vendors’ menus will include the one of a kind and our best sellers item, including steam and fried items. Our menu list includes our various flavoured Dim Sum that we are the sole provider in the market.

Shall our competitors copied and launch similar products, we will advise our vendors to update the menu list to include and/or replace certain items with our newly launched Dim Sum items, which is still in our R&D pipeline.

B. Blue Ocean market

Food truck culture is not unusual in our daily life and the local market. However, our local food truck usually provides Western culinary, traditional Malay cuisines, and various drinks without being Halal certified upon a closer look.

Upon our market research and feedback, we realised that there is a big gap that certain customers prefer popular oriental foods such as Dim Sum but are discouraged from trying.  The hesitant is based on two elements: a) the absence of Halal certificate and b) the premium pricing of Dim Sum.

Our Dim Sum Boi kiosk exists to fill the gap by being applying Halal certification to our products. As a supplier of materials, we can provide a lower than market recommended retail price (RRP) to our vendors, encourage them to follow through, and still secure a sizeable profit and income. In short, we are sailing towards the Blue Ocean of the retail market where we fill the gap of consumer needs, vendors’ profitable requests, and getting a meaningful market share for Xinn Group, thus creating a win-win-win situation.

C. Small Investment Sum

Our strategy to penetrate the retail market is our Dim Sum Boi kiosk can be obtained and acquired at a small investment sum from the vendors. A small investment sum translates into a shorter recoup of investment and a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for the vendors.

For those vendors who would like a taste of entrepreneurship but confine to the limitation of having the initial investment sum, Xinn Group is in the discussion stage with various entities, namely Koperasi Usahanita Kuala Lumpur Berhad (KUKLB), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), and others.

Through these entities’ support, Dim Sum Boi kiosk will work with a grant, small scale loan financing, and part of university curriculum programs. Xinn Group will also provide the Dim Sum Boi kiosk equipment, from the steamer to the frying pan needed. Please see Appendix for photos of Dim Sum Boi kiosk.