The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the company’s prosperity and protecting the interests of our shareholders and stakeholders. They are well-equipped with the professional knowledge, experience and passion to deal with any challenges relating to corporate governance, business profitability, sustainability and crisis management. They are determined to drive the company forward and scale the company to greater heights.

Within the limits set by our Constitution, our Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and management of our Company. To help ensure the effective discharge of its functions, our Board of Directors will endeavour to follow corporate governance guidelines which set out the following responsibilities:

  1. To review and approve the annual corporate plan of our Company, which includes the overall corporate strategy, marketing plan, human resources plan, information technology and system plan, financial plan and risk management plan,
  2. To oversee the conduct of our Company’s businesses, and to evaluate whether the businesses are being properly managed,
  3. To identify principal risks and ensure the implementation of appropriate systems to manage these risks,
  4. To manage succession planning, including appointing, training, fixing the compensation of, and where appropriate, replacing senior management,
  5. To develop and implement an investor relations program or shareholder communications policy for our Company,
  6. To review the adequacy and integrity of our Company’s internal control systems and management information systems, including systems for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, directives and relevant guidelines,
  7. To review and approve our financial statements,
  8. To review and approve of our Audit Committee Report at the end of each financial year,
  9. To review and approve our Annual Report and,
  10. To review and approve our Annual Shariah Audit Report.

As a public company, we must have at least two and not more than twenty Directors at any time. As at the date of this Information Memorandum, our Board of Directors consists of three Directors. Some of the Directors also sit on the Board of Directors of Ample Prosperity Sdn Bhd, our subsidiary and will also be the Directors of other entities upon setting up.